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6 Must-Haves to Keep Your Smile Looking Great for 2017

6 Must-Haves to Keep Your Smile Looking Great for 2017


Ever wonder what dental professionals actually use to keep their smile looking so great?  As a dental hygienist for over 20 years, I have tried tons of products to keep my smile healthy and white.  I am constantly searching for the best products that will keep me smiling in style.  Here’s an insider’s guide to a great daily routine using 6 must-haves for 2017:

*  Start with Phillips Sonicare Airfloss with BreathRx mouth rinse

This amazing air flosser removes plaque and debris using a short burst of air and water (or mouth rinse).  Think Waterpik but better and not as messy. 

* Then use Glide floss to thoroughly clean between all your teeth.  This thin, silky floss is great for getting between even the tightest spaces without any waxy residue and shredding.

* Then use Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean electric toothbrush to remove daily plaque and surface stains.  This sleek toothbrush has 5 settings to fit your dental needs—ranging from sensitivity to deep cleaning modes.  The sonic action of the bristles clean beyond the gum line.  You will never use a manual toothbrush again!

*Finish with Phillips BreathRx tongue cleaner and BreathRx tongue spray.  Yes, most people skip this step completely.  Your tongue is like a rug.  It can trap tons of food debris and bacteria. This flexible tongue cleaner can easily reach to the back the tongue to remove any debris that gets trapped, leaving your mouth completely clean!

Remember, great daily homecare is a best way to ensure a long-lasting smile.  Your dental professional can help you maintain overall dental health with regular screenings and recommend treatment.

“Great style starts with a great smile.”

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